Wednesday, June 2, 2010

From Delhi

So, a lot has happened since I wrote last. We had our last day at Momma T's, got some sweet pics there. It's 10:30 pm here and I haven't showered in about 2 days. That's gross.

We set out to see Satyaprakash on Saturday night, going to the Howrah train station. However, a wreck happened just outside of Howrah about 1 day before. This was bad timing on the Maoists part. They didn't realize I needed to get to Raipur on Sunday morning. So, the train was delayed until about 7 the next morning. So we left then and got to Raipur about 12 am. It was an A/C train so it wasn't too bad. Next day we got up at like 5:15 to drive for 6 hours to see Satyaprakash sona, my compassion kid, in Jagdalpur. This was a pretty amazing experience. I didn't realize how much it would mean to them that I was coming. When we first arrived we were greeted by some cute kids who put lays on us and then we go sit in front of the entire child project (~300 kids). I was like, wow, not expecting this. So, then we met Satya and his entire family (2 bros, 1 sis, gparents, parents) and ate lunch together and saw his home. Then we went to a waterfall and chilled out some more. The day was marked with awkwardness as I couldn't speak their language and didn't really know what to say to them. I tried to come up with questions but they just weren't helping me out much with the whole talking business. After visiting Satya, we slept and got up the next morning to drive 6 hours and get to Raipur by 1 pm so we could eat lunch before our train that left at 2:30 pm. However, we soon found out that the train left at 7:30 pm. Then we found out it left at 9:30 pm. They didn't push it past that, thank goodness. So we got on the train, hoping to get to Howrah station (Calcutta) at like 11 am the next day. We got there about 12:30 pm which was ok but we had to catch a flight to come to Delhi at 4:45 and we needed to go to the opposite end of Calcutta from the airport to get our bags. This was a little bit concerning for a bit but it ended up ok. God worked it out perfectly where we got to the airport just before the flight. Funny how the train delay ended up working out really well. I got to read a lot, at least.

Now we are in Delhi. Tomorrow we see the Taj Mahal. I'm pumped. Time to go sleep now.

Oh, I shared with one guy on the train to Raipur and it was super cool because he was so interested in Christianity. He really didn't know anything about the gospel. Just a 19 year old Hindu who attended college at some school in Varanasi (which is a holy place where old Hindu people go die, in a nutshell). He was smart too. All I really did was bring up religion and he started to fire away at the questions. It was so cool. Anyways, I gave him my email and told him we should be pen pals.

Pray that we hand out our Christmas Hindi tracts well while we are in Delhi. This place needs to gospel. fo sho.

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