Thursday, May 27, 2010

Meeting with New Believers

Ok, so we have continued to do Mother Teresa's and we met a group the other day at Daya Dan (a home for mentally handicapped children) that were from a church in Houston, Texas. Pretty sweet. They were southern baptist and had about 8 in their group. They were almost all older people, which was cool. I feel like it is much harder for the older generation to get out of their comfort zone and go to hard places. Granted, these guys are staying in an A/C hotel, but still. Who cares, they are still here. And that is pretty sweet. They are supposed to bring 40 youth back some time during the summer to serve at Mother Teresa's homes. Lol, I wish our youth could do that. I told the missions pastor that he needed to put those kids under the fans (no A/C in the hotel room) so they could get the full experience. His reply was, "parents."

We went and had dinner last night with Beth, Kyle, and Sarah, as well as some Canadian friends. It was an incredible time to fellowship with the Word Made Flesh staff. It has been awesome seeing them. I love those people. I love SariBari too. I love that it seeks to free women both physically and spiritually. Anyways, I was sad to say goodbye last night. I am terrible at goodbyes.

Ok, now to explain the title of the post. We went to Pastor Kaushik's house the other night (the guy in the front and center of the pic) to talk about the Bible with some relatively new believers. These guys are all interested in the Bible and have tons of questions to ask. We talked some about Hinduism and routes that Hindu's come to have faith in Jesus. It is usually more of a process where the Hindu begins to see Jesus as the main god that they serve, and then they begin to realize that he is the only God. Any way that someone comes to the faith is cool with me. I'm down for using whatever strategy. Anyways, these guys were solid believers who haven't been baptized yet. One of them told me he wanted to clean up before getting baptized. For example, he told me that he wants to look at girls a lot of times when they walk by him, so he wants to quit this bad habit before being baptized. We gave them the answer (and Pastor Kaushik expounded) that our whole lives are a process of sanctification and we are going to always be fighting the battle against sin. We will never fully reach perfection until the next life. I think they got it. We played a very small role in this meeting that happens every week with Pastor Kaushik. It was a cool ministry to play a small role in.

We leave for Raipur to see my compassion kid in 2 days. I'm excited. Pray that we make the most of our time. We have had opportunities to share about Christ and have taken them. I love the Christian life. I love Jesus. I hope I love him more.

Pray for the Charis fellowship church and many churches that meet across Calcutta. Pray that they would be full of the Spirit. Pray for us to continue to use every opportunity to share about Christ in our lives. Pray that the tracts we hand out make a difference in these people's lives. Pray that God would move in Calcutta.

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