Saturday, May 22, 2010

Flesh n Bones

Today at Kalighat (The home of the dying) this guy had a pseudo surgery performed by the nurse. There is a doctor that comes every once in a while, however, the nurse does all of the work. Anyways, today the nurse was pulling crazy things out of this wound. I didn't watch, and the only reason I know is that I saw part of the remains in a dish. She walked by and asked me and Josh to take it to the trash can. It had bones in it! I was like, Josh you got this one. He's going to be a nurse. He can take it. I would have thrown up probably. The poor guy operated on had no pain killers. They are too poor here. I guess he is lucky just to have his foot fixed. It was his foot by the way. I looked at the wound but that is all I could do. He was screaming big time.

This pic is the flower market, it's still going strong. We actually walked through more of it this time that I had last time and it is pretty amazing how much bigger it is than this picture looks. This place is huge. It's primary source of income is Hindu's buying these strings of flowers for their gods that hang in the corner of their homes, as if they are watching over them. bogus.

This is the front of the college library that William Carey helped build. That's about all there is to say about that.

This is the Hooghly river I think. It runs through Calcutta. It is a branch of the Ganges so it is holy. People throw lots of things in this river, including bodies I think. It's holy though so people bathe in it also.
This was dinner last night. Pork. Moa cooked it for us. Big time. Naga food, not Bengali. That means its northeast Indian, if you don't know where Nagaland is. Native food to here is Bengali. The state we are in is West Bengal. Anyways, this pork was money. I had to have way more rice than pork stuff though because it was so hot.

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