Friday, May 21, 2010

Sari Bari + Momma T's day 2

I forgot to mention yesterday that the day before we got to go see the new SariBari unit in the gach. This is the same building I helped clean out last year. Absolutely gorgeous place for sure. 40 new women are there working now. So now SariBari is up to roughly 60 women. Freedom. I'm going to be bringing some bags back to hopefully sell at Temple. You better buy them. Or else.

I had an awesome time seeing Beth, Kyle, and Sarah. Me and Josh got to go to the flat (same place I went to all the time last year) and eat dinner with a team here. I might have said that on my last post but I can't remember. If so I apologize.

I'm whiped out today. We've been here 5 days now and its taking its toll. haha 5 days. I've lectured Josh too many times already about how different it is for us to come for 2 weeks and if you stay here 4 months. Totally different experience fo' sho'.

We went to kalighat again this morning. It was pretty intense because as we walked up, we were asked to help load a dead dude into the truck to head to the crematorium. I noticed he was fat. Later, I realized who the dead guy was. I took his temperature on Tuesday and he had no fever. Ridiculous. I could tell he was in bad condition though. He ate like 2 bites and didn't really even chew. He basically let me fill his mouth with rice and spit it out later. The sister said it was ok.

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