Thursday, May 20, 2010

William Carey?

So who woulda thought that we'd go see William Carey's college that he founded and a little museum they have for him. I'm inspired now to read his biography lol. It was really cool to see it. Me and Josh went on an epic adventure. We basically went from Howrah station and started with the name of the place we needed to go, knowing we had to take a local train. So I bought a ticket to serampore and we hopped on one of the local trains, hoping to find the right place. At this point I had no clue how we'd find some college in the middle of an indian village outside of Kolkata. We got off at some station named "shrirampur" and I kept asking people if it was "serampore." They kept saying yes. So then we went to some random salesman sitting on the ground and with my terrible bengali skills I said something like, "William Carey where?" He pointed us inside the station area and we saw that there was a plaque there dedicated to him. Pretty cool. But I wanted to see more than that so I was like, "William Carey where?" lol. He pointed us to some rickshaw wallahs and we took a bike rickshaw to the college that he founded. They told us at the gate that the college is not in session right now so we might not be able to see the museum. Luckily, those people were very nice and let us go see the little one room (it had A/C) museum. I touched the desk that William Carey used when he was here. Our tour guide told me that he took it here from England and assembled it. She said that it hasn't been re-painted. And it was in great condition. So I learned that William Carey helped translate the Bible into 35 languages. What a balla'. After seeing all of the cool William Carey stuff, we came back to Kolkata and I am about to arrange for our trip to the taj mahal during the last few days.

I figure we'll do some mother teresa's again tomorrow.

I shared with a guy in an auto rickshaw last night. He gave me the same sort of response that I would usually get on USM's campus during last school year. That would be one of sorta indifference. He didn't seem to care. I don't know what is happening in his heart though.

I can't wait to hang out with my Naga friends some more tonight. Woowoo!

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